The Band

Sci-Fi Romance plays folk music. When we’re loud, we’re good and damn loud. When we’re quiet, we’re trying to break your heart.

We have a brand new EP, A Burning Ember to a Grove of Trees, with our most political songs collected in one place, as well as a pair of folk traditionals.

Our new album Dust Among the Stars is out now, and reviews (here, here, and here) are outstanding. Get it now from  iTunesAmazonBandcamp, or wherever you download music.

Based in Los Angeles, the band is singer-songwriter Vance Kotrla, as well as a group of collaborators including Jody Stark (cello), Mr. Mike (drums, art), Johnnie Kotrla (bass), Kurt Bloom (drums), and other wonderful people. The band’s debut album, …and surrender my body to the flames, was released in 2010, and followed up in 2012 by the concept album The Ghost of John Henry. They have also released another EP, October, based on classic horror movies and recorded on an old analogue cassette machine.