Time-Lapse John Henry Painting

In a previous post, I waxed all poetic about the silk-screened posters for The Ghost of John Henry that LA-based artist Mike Estano created. I love when art inspires other art, and having been on the receiving end of so much of that inspiration, I consider it a tremendous compliment when the band is able to provide a similar spark to another artist.

Now, Houston-based painter Melissa Doron has created a new work on canvas inspired by the album, specifically the penultimate track, “John Henry, Part II.” I asked Melissa if she’d be willing to record herself painting the piece, and I’m happy to present the result:

Melissa does some beautiful work, which you can see and/or order at her website. Here are some of my favorites:

And speaking of the Ghost of John Henry posters, we’re running low, so order one before they’re gone. They’re hand-made, limited-run posters, and when they’re gone, that’s all, folks. There are a few white ones, but only one gold one left…

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