Couch by Couchwest 2013

There’s this thing, kind of a party, kind of a “festival,” that happens in Austin every year about this time. Maybe you’ve heard of it. But there’s this *other* thing that also happens at the same time, that maybe you haven’t heard as much about, and that is the Couch by Couchwest festival, “where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you.”

For the second year, we were invited to submit to this curated online video festival celebrating independent music and musicians, and it was our great pleasure to do so. Last year we shot our videos the same day we shot the video for “Broken World,” as we were gearing up for the Ghost of John Henry album release. This year, we managed to actually be on a couch. Here is the version of “Steam Drill Blues” we recorded — and please notice that Kurt is in a soft cast on his right arm, but still, STILL, he brings the boom.

If you’re not following the festival, treat yourself. I don’t know how else you’re going to see so many talented and unique musicians, or make more new music discoveries than right here. There are a lot of videos on there now, so I’ll include some of my favorites so far to get you started.

The Pyles – “Answer to Ruby”

The Stone Sparrows – “Picture Show”

And to slow it down a little (and invoke a tiny trumpet), Moon Motel – “Adored”

Josie Little – Patty Griffin’s “Rain”

So check out the festival, let the videos run in the background at work or put your feet up when you get home and dig through them. Maybe find some music you’d like to add to your collection.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include our other Couch by Couchwest video for this year, which is a brand new song called “When You Wake.” My little girl makes an appearance on the couch for it. Head on over to our CXCW video page and take five seconds to click the blue “Like!” button to help us out.

And here are my cats watching one of the videos:

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