Voting the NPR All-Morning Edition Ticket

As I mentioned in my last post about our new song “Just to Win the Fight,”¬†I’m a news junkie, but don’t care much for politics, so that has made this election year a difficult one for me. I made the comment to my wife, half-jokingly, that I wished Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne from NPR Morning Edition would just run for office already, because I trust them to tell me the truth.

Steve Inskeep Renee Montagne

My wife responded, “Who’d be Secretary of State?” Without thinking, I said “David Green,” and because we’re nerds, it went on from there.

Here, then, is a totally relevant and non-time-wasting rundown of how some of the top government positions might shake out, should the very real possibility of the hosts of NPR’s Morning Edition gaining elected¬†office ever come to pass:

President: Steve Inskeep
Vice President: Renee Montagne
Secretary of State: David Green (former Russia correspondent)
Secretary of the Treasury: Kai Ryssdal (host of Marketplace)
Secretary of Defense: Carl Kasell (because it sounds like “Castle”)
Secretary of Energy: Robert Krulwich (Radiolab co-host and science correspondent)
Secretary of Education: Jad Abumrad (Radiolab host and MacArthur “Genuis Grant” recipient)
Attorney General: Nina Totenberg (legal correspondent)
Surgeon General: Shankar Vedantam (science correspondent)
Press Secretary: Ari Shapiro (White House correspondent)
Chief of Staff: Madhulika Sikka (Executive Producer)

Agree? Disagree? Any additions? Let me know in the comments. In a grueling presidential election cycle, it’s important to remember to have some fun.

Inskeep/Montagne 2012
I may actually put this on my car…