Long Gone

When I remember those days
I see your face lined with pain
Inventing things I’d never say
But held against me anyway

You never knew me that well
And why I just could never tell
The years like water they rolled on
And now every hope we had is —

Gone, gone, gone
It’s gone, gone, gone
Things I held to yesterday
The last time you saw this face
Are gone, gone, gone

I guess you changed and went your way
The things I thought we shared decayed
I was too slow to recognize
The growing distance in your eyes

While you acted like a saint
And chalked everything up to fate
I thought you’d see you’d been wrong
Now every thought of that is —

I still can’t help wonderin’
If we’d been older at the end
And maybe swallowed a little pride
If we’d’ve made it to the other side

But it’s gone, gone, gone…

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